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Arden-Blair donations go towards the ongoing production of quality, community based, artistic community theatre and projects that put our community and youth first.

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Arden Blair Enterprises


ABE is a multi-venture company that is rooted in the community of Philadelphia. We are artists at our core, and we practice our art on multiple levels and through several different mediums. ABE is the vehicle by which an artist could propel his/her ideas and creations into existence. ABE has several subsidiaries that function separately but also together; each nourishing different parts of the community while strengthening the artists as they follow their passions. So many suppress their gifts, not letting their lights shine. ABE wants to help people shine while aiming for the highest artistic quality in every division.


Kaleidoscope Cultural Arts Collective is the theatre company founded in 2008 and has been producing theatre in the tri-state region of Philadelphia. We are proud to call The Klein Theatre at The Church of the Advocate our home. Contact us at ardenbenterprises@gmail.com.


ARTS 4ALL is our after-school program that focuses on the skills of acting while illustrating how theatre and the arts can be used as tools for social justice. The Paul Robson Players (PRP) is a combination of the middle and high school students. The program is housed at The Advocate Center for Culture and Education (info@theadvocatecenter.org)


The Dharma Kitchen is our culinary contribution to our company. Our home-made treats are specially made with health and wellness in mind and we love to share them with guests at our theatre performances. You are invited to request party and catering services at this time through e-mail at ardenbenterprises@gmail.com There is always vegan and vegetarian options on the menu. Keep checking back here for updated web-additons that will bring you our home-made deliciousness directly to your front door.


Sensual Healing Hair and Body Essences is rooted in the notion that self-healing begins by pampering oneself and constructing a quiet time to relax and reflect on your needs. These all-natural products are made in small batches and are formulated to not only rejuvenate the skin but elevate the spirit and lifting the mood of the wearer and those around them.


ABE Publishing is the newest venture. We are here as writers engaging with writers to encourage the telling of stories. We work with authors and readers in writing salons where new works are read aloud and discussed.We want to help authors get their words on pages, in books, and on the stage.


African Southern Chic is a fashion-wing based on comfort and culture. The fashions, home and personal, are crafted to give the comfy feel while reflecting the culture of the African diaspora.