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It All Started When...

Everything that Dr. Hall would bring out of her kitchen amazed all of us. Shahida, our executive producer, would say that it was not natural that someone could make candy and nuts in their own kitchen that tasted like they came out of a specialty shop. Well Doc did and we loved every bit of it. From nuts to candy, to the all natural soul food, that's right, all natural SOUL FOOD, that came out of her kitchen we devoured it all. 

It just didn't seem right that we kept her goodies all to ourselves. With a little help, by taste testing everything (which we totally enjoyed), Doc began to sell the nuts at our productions as part of our concessions stand. Needless to say, they were the first goodies to sell out.

Check back here for future products that will soon be offered from the tasty Dharma Kitchen collection! You will keep coming back!

The Dharma Kitchen