Sensual Healing: Hair and Body Essences

Sensual Healing: Hair and Body Essences are all natural hair and body products formulated with healing in mind. We seek peace of mind and spirit when formulating products that is meant to aid our clients their pursuit of a higher vibration in life. Using healing-rich ingredients like mango butter, Shea butter, vitamin E, and others, Sensual Healing products are researched and developed to bring out the healing properties of theses gifts. Our motto: “God has given us everything needed to heal ourselves.”

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Product Lists

Hair Products:

  1. Poppin’ Hair Pudding: (base ingredients: shea butter, vitamin E, coconut oil, and other ingredients.) Essential oils added for aromatherapy. Formulated for natural hair types, this product protects and conditions your hair for easy style.

    Price: 8oz $10 16oz $18

Skin Products:


  1. Bright Face Wash: (base ingredients: baby formula soap, coconut oil, jojoba oil, and other ingredients.)

    This product is perfect for any skin type. It is gentle and calming in nature and will keep your skin looking fresh and bright!

    Price: 4oz $5 8oz $8

  2. Bright Face Moisturizer: (base ingredients: Shea butter, coconut oil, geranium oil, lavender, and other ingredients.)

    This moisturizer is the bomb! It protects from the environment and keeps your skin hydrated.

    Price: 4oz $5 8oz $9