Summer Arts For All Program 2018!


                                                                                  CLASSES BEGIN September 10th, 2018
A. ARTS4ALL is an after-school program performance training program for middle and high school age children. At the programs foundation, it is believed that to do art one must be disciplined, thoughtful, and focused, but these are traits lacking in many, particularly in this age range. Through the process of learning performance arts, the goal is for students to understand that these same traits apply to any path they take in life while preparing and honing their performance skills. Additionally, the program offers them opportunities to present themselves in front of audience through various presentation and performances. ARTS4ALL also uses the techniques of Augusto Boal’s Forum Theatre, which involves the use of a unique theatrical approach to explore conflict resolution of social issues. The program also believes the world is power by STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics). Therefore, the program incorporates those ideas through an early tech theatre program that is only offered in the fall and spring. 
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B. Educational Curriculum
The educational curriculum for ARTS4ALL founded the notions of performance is powerful can be used to teach as well as delight. Theatre offers us the opportunity to explore the world in various forms, and in presentation permits us to inform and explore different ways of being and seeing the world and ourselves. Theatre is a social justice tool that when welded carefully can change people hearts and minds. The plays presented will have some focus that deals with social and political issues of the moment. Students will engage with the literature through historical and cultural means to bring out their interpretative notions about the material. Forum Theatre techniques are taught during certain times in the process; however, the primary training technique will be based on Stanislavsky, Meissner, and Hagan. 
  Objectives for Curriculum

The intentions with this curriculum are to… 
1. Teach the courtesies, traditions, terminology and safety of the stage environment. 
2. Teach the individual responsibilities of performers as members of an acting class. 
3. Teach participants how to move effectively in a linear process from monologue to dialogue.  
4. Teach participants to present themselves physically and vocally in front of an audience as characters and as artists. 
5. Have participants prepare and perform 3 public performances, specifically… a. Scripted monologues b. Student generated 1st Line monologues c. Scripted scenes d. Dance performances
6.Engage participants in an intense and thorough creation of a final performance highlighting themes and ideas explored on during the year. 
7. If time and conditions permit, participants will have a chance to learn some theatre technology and work on small projects.  
C. Paul Robeson Players
The Paul Robeson Players (PRP) is the performance group connected to ARTS4ALL. Throughout the year, classes are conducted as on-going rehearsals preparing the PRP for performances. The director of education approves the performance materials. 
D. Job Positions Director of Education
The director of education for ARTS4ALL must have a college degree (MA or MFA) and at least 4-years of teaching experience. (BA and BFA with 6-years highly considered.) The director of education coordinates and works with the teaching artists to develop lesson plans and a script for presentation. The director is the main spoke person for the organization on the ground. They attend all partner meetings. They conduct special workshops throughout the city at targeted school. They also substitute when a teacher is absent. They work with the partner organizations, if applicable, to find and generate grants for the program. 
Teaching Artists (Acting, Vocal, & Dance) 
Teaching artists (BA or higher) are the instructors of the program. They are usually artists themselves who wish to share their gifts with others because, frankly, the pay is great, but the number hours per week at one facility is usually less than part-time. Most, therefore, work other jobs to pay the bills but believe that arts are important enough to give time to people who are interested. 
 Teaching Artists Assistants
Teaching artist assistants (AA or higher) aid the teaching artists in their duties. They help to gather materials and prepare for classes. In their training, they may be asked to prepare lesson plans and exercises. 
To be a Teaching Artist: 
1. You must have or be working towards a degree in theatre, music, or dance. 
2. If you don’t have a degree yet, you should have a considerable amount of  experience in the genre. 
3. If interested in volunteering, you don’t have to a degree. However, you cannot be considered the head teacher for the class. You will be given opportunity to work on your skills by conducting a class, choreographing a dance, or writing the script. 
4. Anyone working with this program MUST have their child clearance paperwork upto-date. You should present a hard copy to the director of education.  
For more information about teaching artist positions, please contact Ardencie Hall-Karambe, director of education. 


ARTS 4ALL is our after-school program that focuses on the skills of acting while illustrating how theatre and the arts can be used as tools for social justice. The Paul Robeson Players (PRP) is a collaboration between middle and high school students who attend our program which is housed at The Advocate Center for Culture and Education (