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ARTS4ALL is a free after-school and summer performance training program for middle and high school age children. 

in partnership

The Advocate Center of Culture and Education (ACCE)

I shall take my voice wherever there are those who want to hear the melody of freedom or words that might inspire hope and courage in the face of fear. My weapons are peaceful, for it is only by peace that peace can be obtained. The song of freedom must prevail.
— Paul Robeson

Summer Musical Theatre Training Program

(Highlights from the 2018 summer)

2018 another summer to remember! Thanks to all who came out to participate. The summer would have been boring without you. Photo credit Rhonda Davis and Ardencie Hall-Karambe.



September 10th, 2018

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ARTS 4ALL focuses on the skills of acting while illustrating how theatre and the arts can be used as tools for social justice. The Paul Robeson Players (PRP) is a collaboration between middle and high school students. The troupe is named after Paul Robeson because he was not only a great performer but also a scholar (law), athlete, and activist. For more information about signing up contact For more information about ARTS4ALL and the Paul Robeson Players please contact Ardencie Hall-Karambe at Follow us on Facebook


Interested in being a teaching artist? Contact Ardencie Hall-Karambe at

The Paul Robeson Players

The Paul Robeson Players (PRP) perform several times during the year in order to show the young artists' growth and to give them more performance experience. The PRP's play topics range from African folktales to examining current events like the Black Lives Matter Movement. The players are taught to see theatre not only as an art form but also a tool for social justice.