Kaleidoscope Cultural Arts Collective Presents it's 2017-18 Season!

Our Theme: Rediscovering and Reclaiming!

In Production:



ABE is a multi-venture company that is rooted in the community of Philadelphia. We are artists at our core, and we practice our art on multiple levels and through several different mediums. ABE is the vehicle by which an artist could propel his/her ideas and creations into existence.


ABE has several subsidiaries that function separately but also together; each nourishing different parts of the community while strengthening the artists as they follow their passions. So many suppress their gifts, not letting their lights shine. ABE wants to help people shine while aiming for the highest artistic quality in every division.

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Through your donations, Arden Blair Enterprises produces quality theatre and entertainment. One of our goals is to offer theatre that reflects and questions the happenings in society. With your contributions, we can continue to produce entertainment that is thought provoking and uplifting!